Friday 10 – Sunday 12 February 2017

Park Inn Nottingham
Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG5 2BT

Conrunner 4

This series of conventions began in 2008, with the intention of bringing together people interested in running fan (not-for-profit) conventions. Conrunner 2017 is aimed primarily at science fiction, fantasy, horror and anime conventions, covering a range of media and fandoms. Some discussions are likely to be particularly relevant to people based in the UK – but we warmly welcome conrunners from the rest of Europe or anywhere else in the world.

(Please note that we do not expect any immigration or customs changes for entry to the UK to have taken place by February 2017, following the UK referendum on leaving the European Union.)

The team bringing you Conrunner 2017 has a lot of experience working on SF conventions from small fun events to Worldcons, starting in the 1970s and including some that will happen after this one. But we expect that a lot of attendees will also have experience and ideas to share – although we’re also hoping the mix of people at the con will include some who haven’t done this before but would like to soon.

We are:


The Conrunner 4 programme will include panel discussions, workshops, and participative sessions where everyone who wants to can get involved. There will also be plenty of opportunities for people to get together to discuss and follow up the scheduled items.

Everything we do in running this convention could itself be a prompt for ideas about how to do things better or differently. But we expect all discussions at the convention, including those in and relating to programme items, to be conducted in a spirit of mutual respect and fairness.

The Conrunner committee expect all attendees (including ourselves) to treat one another and the hotel staff with the high standards of mature behaviour we would all want to see at any other convention we work on or attend. We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or other offensive statements or actions.