Friday 10 – Sunday 12 February 2017

Park Inn Nottingham
Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG5 2BT

Conrunner 4

Travel to the Park Inn Nottingham

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Hotel Address: 296 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG5 2BT

N 52.970° W 1.153°

By car

The hotel is around 6 miles (10 km) from the M1 motorway: usually a 15 minute drive.

From the North.

Leave the M1 at Junction 26. After the slip road you will come to your first island; take the first exit and you are now on the A610. After a couple of hundred yards you will come to your next island where you should take the 3rd exit (still A610). After about a quarter of a mile you will come to yet another island; go straight across (second exit).

Stay on this road and you will pass through three sets of traffic-lighted crossroads (not including pedestrian crossings), the third being a large duel carriageway. Keep going and you will pass another set of lights with a pub on your left; keep going. At the next set of lights take the left turn (there is a Carphone Warehouse diagonally to your right at these lights). You are now in Hyson Green. Carry straight on over two intersections. You will soon arrive at the first of two mini islands; take the second on the first and the first on the second. The hotel is directly on your right after about 200 yards.

From the South

Get off the M1 at Junction 25 and take the third exit (marked A52 Nottingham). Follow this road over four islands. The last of these has a bypass going under it and the Queens Medical Centre just after it on your right; follow this road. You will pass through two sets of light (not including pedestrian crossings). The first will have a Jaguar dealership to your left, and the second a pub (The Three Wheatsheafs), also on your left. At the third set of lights turn left onto Lenton Boulevard and then keep going straight on. At the first intersection go straight on; you are now on Radford Boulevard. Keep going through one more intersection. At the third you need to go straight on, which is Gregory Boulevard. You are now in Hyson Green. Carry straight on over two road intersections. You will soon arrive at the first of two mini islands; take the second on the first and the first on the second. The hotel is directly on your right after about 200 yards.

From the train station

Nottingham train station is 2 miles (3.2 km) away – roughly a 10 minute drive. From the station you can get a taxi from the rank outside, or follow the public transport directions below.

By tram and bus

You can get a tram at the station – follow the signs. You’ll need a tram heading towards Hucknall or Phoenix Park. You’ll want to get off the tram at The Forest tram stop. There will be announcements so listen out for your stop. You’ll see an enormous open green area on your right, and it’s at this point you should get off the tram.

When you’re off the tram, keep that large green area (the Forest Recreation Ground) on your right as you walk a few yards in the direction your tram was travelling, and turn right onto Gregory Boulevard. Towards the end of Gregory Boulevard, when the park on your right runs out, you’ll find two roundabouts in quick succession; head straight across the first roundabout and left at the second one. You’ll find the hotel on the opposite side of the main road 150 yards later.

That walk takes between ten and fifteen minutes, but almost all of it is on the level. You can shorten your walk considerably by transferring to a bus part-way through your journey. For this, get a combined bus/tram ticket from the tram conductor, and get off the tram at The Royal Centre tram stop. After the tram has moved out of the way, cross the tracks and continue past the Theatre Royal (a large white building fronted by six pillars) and head into Upper Parliament street, passing the Turf Tavern on your left. Look for bus stops in the ’P’ zone; it’ll be two or three minutes’ walk from the tram stop.

Take the Lime Line (number 58 from stop P2; numbers 56 or 59 from stop P3) or the Purple Line (numbers 87or 88 from stop P4; number 89 from stop P5). Once you’ve been on the bus heading out of Nottingham for a few minutes (about 2 miles), look out on the left and you’ll see a cemetery while going down a hill. The bus will cross a large roundabout with flowerbeds; you need the very next stop, which is called Clarendon College. Get off here. There’s a pedestrian (pelican) crossing 20 yards further along the road, and the Park Inn Hotel will be clearly in view another 80 yards further away.

If you go past a pub called The Grosvenor, you’ve gone too far. Get off the bus at the earliest opportunity and walk back.


The walk from the coach or train station to the hotel could take 30 to 45 minutes.

Coming out of the train station main exit, you will find yourself on a quite busy road; turn right and walk down to the main road. The bus station is now in front of you. Cross the road and keep the bus station to your right. At the pedestrian crossing, cross the road and turn left, then immediately right into the Broadmarsh Centre. Walk straight through and out of the door at the far end. Walk up the shopping high street and keep walking; when you get to Marks & Spencer, go past that and turn right at the church. At the top of this road turn left; as you do there is a Waterstones on your right. Keep going over the road, straight on past the back of the Council House on your left and keep going straight on. When you reach the three-way road intersection at the top of this street, cross straight over it. You are now at the Victoria (shopping) Centre. Keep going straight on, keeping the centre to your right.

There is a hill going straight up; keep going that way (the good thing about this route is that about three-quarters of the way up this hill on your left is The Lincolnshire Poacher, a truly marvellous pub with many a fine real ale: a brick building with blue doors and a blue sign). At the top of the hill is a set of lights; nearly there now. Down the hill you go, past the cemetery on your left, past the mini island and there on your right is the hotel.

From East Midlands Airport

The Airport is about 22 miles (35 km) away. It is a 30 minute drive if you’ve hired a car or want to splash out on a taxi. There is also a Skylink bus service from the Airport to Nottingham.